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Today I was asked, “What makes a strong female character?”

I immediately realized this was probably going to regard feminism and women’s never ending desire to be “equal” with men. What didn’t make sense to me was that a female came up with the question. If a female wants to be equal to a male, she should not ask herself, “What makes a strong female character?” She should ask herself, “What makes a strong character?” If you distinguish between male and female, you’ve already made yourself unequal. Congratulations. Needles to say I didn’t participate in the discussion. 

'I didn’t like my name until you said it.'
— Unknown (via bbyface)

if anyone is good with advice and is feeling generous, i’d appreciate if you messaged me

and i don’t know why it’s difficult to admit that i miss you

and i don’t know why we argue

and i just hope that you listen

and if i hurt you, i'm sorry